Monday, 15 July 2013

Llyn Brianne Dam and Reservoir

Llyn Brianne DamThe wonderful weather continues for a second week.  What a golden opportunity to explore the upper part of this exquisite valley.  Almost at the top of the hill you come across a viewing area where you can get off your bike or get out of your car and take a look at the Llyn Brianne Dam which is now, after 40 years, 'settling' into the surrounding hills.  You can see the spillway on the right which is dry today but in winter it affords a brilliant spectacle.  People have been known to kayak down the spillway even though it is illegal.   You can see the chrysanthemum spray at the bottom which aerates the water before it enters the Tywi river and it winds its way back to Llandovery and The Level Crossing

Just over the top from here is the dam proper.  An expanse of water that reflects the sky and in spring the banks are covered in bluebells.  This is a wilderness where you can quite literally lose yourself if you go off the road.   I will leave it to you to explore and discover its beauty for yourself. 

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