Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Confluence of the Afon Pysgotwr and the Tywi 
 Moving on up the valley we come across places where there is such magic and peace even in this busy world.  Places that seem almost sacred in their untouched state.  I bet people have dangled their feet in these water on days such as these for generations. 
Who stood here last?
 Even the woodlands have a magic about them.  Stark rock faces with just the feintest covering of moss and lichen.  Ivy tangling its untidy way towards the light.  This is of course a haven for bird watchers although I am happier with looking at plants ... they stay still for longer.  You can often see red kites wheeling overhead on the lookout for a tasty meal.  And who is this little fellow?

Someone who came to sing a song for me

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